The areas that surround Mumbai are some of the best places to visit in Maharashtra, there’s no doubt in that, and it also offers some of the most amazing options for a quick one-day trek break. These places near Mumbai have been blessed with natural beauty and ideal settings that is a wonderful present for adventure seekers and also the perfect way to quench their thirst for adventure. These beautiful places provide a peaceful and calming environment where you can trek and re-energize yourself in the lap of nature itself. Here is a list of Top five treks in Mumbai which should definitely be in your bucket list:

1. Tandulwaadi 

Tandulwadi is the most ideal destination for people who are planning to go on monsoon treks near Mumbai. During the monsoon season, trekking in Tandulwadi Fort becomes quite an adventure. The trees are so dense that they do not let the trekkers see the trail ahead of them. The painted markings on the stones are very often washed off during downpour during rainy season. This place for trekking near Mumbai has all the ingredients for that perfect adventure trek and also makes it an experience which is hard to forget.

2. Naneghat

Naneghat is situated in Western Ghats and is also a very popular mountain pass. It was used by Satvahannahs as a trade route. Naneghat trek is a treat especially for travellers who fancy history and want to go deep into the history of Maharashtra. The trail is rugged and you discover patches which are unspoilt during this trek. Throughout this trek, you will hear different stories and will also get the opportunity to trek through these ancient sites that will bring you closer to the rich history of this state.

3. Tikona Fort

Tikona fort literally means a “triangular” fort, it is located in Maval, Maharashtra. It provides the travellers with one of the best trekking experience near Mumbai which is due to the presence of slopes. Although many sections are steep and the trekker has to lower his or her body in order to remain close to the land, it still is one of the favourite spots of trekkers. The peak welcomes you with a panoramic view of River Pavna and many other historical forts like Visapur and Lohagad twin forts to name just a few.

4. Korigad Fort

 The Korigad Fort is one of the most famous trekking places near Mumbai for beginners. It is also one of  shortest and easiest trek. So if you want a small weekend break from all your work and chores, this is your ultimate go-to place. The trail demands walk of 15 to 20 minutes which is followed by a flight of steps to reach the top. The Korigad Fort trek provides you with the same beauty and view of nature with much less physical activity, hence you tire yourself less and enjoy more. The steps make it even easier and smoother for the trekkers to reach the top, which makes it so much more popular among the beginners. Nonetheless, as you proceed, you will begin to think that the ascent is becoming steeper with every step you take. This trek provides great joy to all history and culture lovers as the architecture of this fort is something worth seeing and remembering. Your perfect destination to go back in time and know your culture and history while also being lost amongst the charming beauty of the natural scenic view. 

5. Lohagad Fort

The Lohagad Fort trek is a very exciting and appealing option as it is a one day trek near Mumbai and is also very beginner friendly. It follows an easy trail where you have to climb a few steps to reach the top. This trek is especially popular during the monsoon season as the area boasts it’s vibrant green cover and enchants the trekkers with this breathtaking view. For a little detour, you can always choose the diversion which will lead you to Bhaja caves. Apart from that this place is very well known for it’s natural, historical and monumental significance, which attracts trekkers, travellers, thrill-seekers as well as history lovers from near and far, to this place. What makes it even more appealing is the easy trail and short duration of trekking.

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