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Mullayangiri Trek


This is Situated at a distance of 20 km from Chikmagalur and 23 km from  Baba Budangiri respectively. This Mullayanagiri is the highest peak located in Karnataka, with an altitude of 1950 meter. 

There you can visit a small temple, which is  located on the top-most of this Mullayanagiri peak which consists of a small statue of Tapasvi Mullappa Swamy. According to this  regional mythology, Tapasvi Mullappa Swamy had observed that, meditation for years at the cave on ths top of  Mullayanagiri peak.

These were the reasons why the peak got its present identity. 

The caves present at the top of the Mullayanagiri hills were not so deep as it has an entrance which may directly leads you to the temple’s garbhagudi.

The Adventure buffs consists of a lot of things to do there – as the destination serves as a hub for

• Taking the trekking, 

• Mountain biking, and 

• Road biking. 

This is that, what makes the Mullayanagiri peaks as one of the best appealing destinations for intermediate trekkers also.


 The route to the top-most of trekking summits of Mullayanagiri starts from Sarpadhari,  which extends up to 3 km –  which covers the distance within 1.5 hours.

History of Mullayanagiri :

There was a saint located here, which is called as Tapasvi Mullapa Swamy. Thus the locals of the regions which were in and around the Mullayanagiri . This is used to meditate at the top to summit this Mullayanagiri hill. 

The Tapasvi Mullappa Swamy Temple :

  It is a holy Hindu shrine , it was built in the memory of the Tapasvi Mullappa SwSwamy

Jhari Waterfalls:

It is located near one of the gorgeous waterfalls present in Chikmagalur. The dense forest present there will cover and lush green coffee plantations the beauty of these waterfalls.


Distance from Mullayanagiri to Jhari Waterfalls is  12.4 km .

Rock Garden:

This is known as the undertaking for the Karnataka Horticulture Department. 


Distance from Mullayanagiri to Rock Garden is 0.2 km .

Jayanthi Coffee, Chikmagalur:

  This will be a place to shop for some real flavours of the best quality South India filter coffee. 

Here, you can buy the filter coffee which will be as  

• Pure coffee, 

• Spices, 

• Honey, 

• Coffee makers, and other accessories were present here. 


Distance from Mullanyangiri  to Chikmagalur  will be 0.6 km 

Hirekolale Lake:

The Nestling amids a dense forest , which covers  the Western Ghats, the Hirekolale Lake will be a beautiful sightseeing adventure to plan your visit there. 


Distance from Mullayanagiri to Hirekolale Lake will be 8.3 km 

Bababudangiri :

 Bababudangiri is really an attractive destination consisting of the Baba Budan range with vastly stretched Western Ghats. Besides all, while taking the trekking paradise, this place is known for hosting the Hindus for both Muslim’s Baba Budangiri dargah and Dattatreya Peetha .

Distance from Mulllayangiri to Bababudangiri will be 12.8 km 

Kalathgiri Falls :

If you were really a nature lover, you should have to vidit this place . It is meant for your visit. Which is surrounded by a dense valley whuch falls portray with a cascading effect. 

Distance from Mallayangiri to Kalathgiri Falls will be 11.8 km

Best timing to visit:

The whole trekking journey takes upto the duration of of 3 to 4 km. This will just take you around three hours to reach to the top summit. While taking the trek , to get the best views – you have to spend some more time at the hilltop. It will be best one to start climbing early in the morning time.

Best Season for Trekking :

During the months of September to February , is considered to be the best to undertake this adventurous trekking to Mullayangiri. During this periods, the weather will remains pleasant, and you will get to witness for some amazing rare flora and fauna present in this region. 

Location :

The Mullayanagiri is present here as a  part of Baba Budangiri Range in the Western Ghats in Chikmagalur district of the Karnataka state. 

Network Connection:

The Mullayanagiri will be  the highest peak present in Karnataka,. It has an altitude of 1950 meters. So there will be no possibility of getting network. So make sure and give information before taking the trek.

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