What are the Latest Industrial Cleaning Innovations?

Quite similar to the majority of sectors, technological advancements have remarkably revolutionized the cleaning industry. The number of businesses in the commercial and industrial cleaning sector adopting cutting-edge technologies and leveraging efficient tools is increasing rapidly.

It is now indispensable to utilize innovative cleaning technologies and sanitization techniques to keep the spread of coronavirus at bay. A leading industrial cleaning Singapore company always stays abreast of cleaning trends to render the most valuable service to clients.

Without further ado, let’s check out the industrial cleaning innovations that renowned companies in the cleaning industry are deploying.

High Pressure Carbon dioxide (HPCD)

The usage of high pressure carbon dioxide is prevalent to curb the growth of the pathogen in dried and liquid food products. Credible and licensed researchers have been exploring the wider use of HPCD as a cleaning and disinfection agent.

They believe it could play an exceptional role in sterilizing food items, drugs, and transplant tissues. High pressure CO2 can inactivate molds, yeast, and bacteria on fresh farm produce. HPCD is readily available, reasonably priced, non-toxic, and highly effective in eliminating germs, bacteria, viruses, etc.

Ultrasound at High Intensity

One of the effective cleaning technologies that are proving fruitful on most occasions is the usage of high-intensity ultrasound. Well-trained cleaning professionals know how to use ultrasound at high power and frequency to inhibit the growth of a wide array of bacteria effectively.

Ultrasonification’s chemical effect supports the antimicrobial action. It is turning out to be immensely efficacious in disinfecting surfaces. Also, this particular cleaning innovation is safe, non-hazardous, and eco-friendly.

Green Disinfection Products

Using the simplest yet most effective cleaning products that don’t adversely impact the environment is sometimes the best thing to do. Abiding by advanced cleaning and disinfection methods and employing the latest equipment and robotic gadgets can be very expensive.

Hence, many businesses in the cleaning sector utilize green or eco-friendly products that possess the power to eliminate bacteria. The more usage of these products is reducing water wastage and air pollution. Even factories or facilities that avail scheduled cleaning services can also save a lot of money.

Drone Technology

Nowadays, cleaning and disinfecting large spaces effectively and efficiently are not a problem because of the innovative and super useful drone technology. It is now a hassle-free task to sanitize a factory, production plant, or warehouse using a drone capable of spraying disinfectant. Such an innovative device can cover thousands of sq. ft. every hour.

UV Light Technology

When it comes to getting rid of harmful microorganisms from different surfaces with utmost effectiveness, many opt to employ pulsed ultraviolet light technology. The appropriate application of short and highly intense wide spectrum UV radiation pulses helps clean and sanitize a wide range of machines and other objects. Unlike traditional UV systems, pulsed UV technology delivers energy instantly.

Parting Thoughts

Indeed, attaining the highest standard of cleanliness and workplace safety is becoming easier with modern industrial cleaning innovations. Ensure the cleaning company you hire for disinfecting your manufacturing facility utilizes the emerging cleaning and disinfection technologies.

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