Why I Liked Annapurna More Than Everest

Both the Annapurna Circuit and Everest Base Camp take you on unfathomable, testing adventures through the tallest mountains on earth, and both will astound you (from a genuine perspective and allegorically). 

The Annapurna Circuit venture is a 13-day journey while the Everest Base Camp excursion is a 15-day journey so those with confined time may get a kick out of the opportunity to pick Annapurna. 

Excursion range 

The Annapurna Circuit and Everest Base Camp excursions are 13 and 15 days inside Nepal independently (tallying appearance and flight days ). 

However, given that the two excursions anticipate that you should fly into Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city, the two outings require a comparable time duty concerning worldwide travel. So Annapurna remains the more restricted excursion by two days, regardless, when you factor in flights. 

Both the Annapurna Circuit and Everest Base Camp outings bring you to sign into the Himalayas 

Best Time to Visit 

The best and ideal occasion to visit both the Annapurna Circuit and Everest Base Camp is during the shoulder an exceptionally lengthy timespan of March-May and October-November. These months are seen as the best ideal open door for heading out because of the fair atmosphere and away from the Himalayas. 


The Annapurna Circuit and the Everest Base Camp excursion are two entirely unexpected outings. Both of them occur in the Himalayas in Nepal, and both of them incorporate lots of traveling at high stature. Notwithstanding, they’re incomprehensibly unprecedented in various respects, fusing the effortlessness with which you can get to them. 

Number of voyaging days 

The Everest Base Camp excursion incorporates 12 days of venturing. Without a doubt, to be more accurate, you’re on the excursion course for 12 days, yet one of those is an acclimatization day, so there are 11 days of voyaging. Taking everything into account, on that acclimatization day you have the option of an unimaginable day climb. So if you do the trip, you have 12 progressive extensive stretches of walking. 

With the Annapurna Circuit, you simply experience six days moving along the excursion course. Two of those days are acclimatization days, so there are four days of voyaging. There is, regardless, a brilliant and testing day move to the Ice Lake on the cards for the fundamental acclimatization day, so if you do that, by then you have a total of five days of climbing. The Annapurna trip subsequently was not a huge part of the number of voyaging days as the Everest Base Camp excursion.

AMS danger 

The peril of an annihilated trip is hardly higher on the Everest Base Camp excursion than on the Annapurna Circuit moreover with the past you move higher and besides contribute more energy at a high rise. Further, the Everest Base Camp excursion allows only a solitary acclimatization day, while the Annapurna venture has two worked in. 


 The atmosphere is a critical principle factor concerning organizing any high-height venture. It simply should be. The atmosphere in the Himalayas is both especially factor and from time to time extremely unsafe. The Everest Base Camp excursion is in Nepal’s eastern Himalayas, and the Annapurna Circuit in the central Himalayas. While the atmosphere plans are practically identical in the two regions, the situation and intensity of the distinctive atmosphere systems impacting them do differentiate a little 


Everest Base Camp 

The valleys around Everest are by and large the home of the Sherpa public and Buddhist orders, and you can feel the strong sensation of extraordinary quality as you experience. Tibetan sellers visit the town of Namche Bazaar, as they’ve achieved for a seriously long time, and to be sure word Sherpa truly implies ‘east people’s (the Sherpas moved east from Tibet previously). On the off chance that you’re venturing the Everest trail in March or April, you’ll undoubtedly go over master bunches wanting to make their most elevated point move in May. 


The Annapurna Circuit experiences a huge load of nation settlements where small developing plans adhere to the sides of valleys and life is for all intents and purposes as it was a hundred years back. You’ll meet the Gurung people here, especially in the town of Ghandruk. Close to the Buddhist songs that standard the Everest region, there are traces of Hinduism and Animism in the Annapurnas, which give the way to some degree a remarkable vibe. If you’re looking for all the more close by flavor from your excursion, Annapurna is probably the more grounded choice.

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