10 beautiful walks around the picturesque landscapes of Himachal Pradesh.

Few states equate Himachal Pradesh with ardent trekkers in India. The area is packed with immense natural beauty with jaw-dropping hiking trails for all ages and levels of difficulty. If you like the forest or the snow-capped mountains, there is a tourist route for all kinds of trekkers in and around Himachal Pradesh.

1. Pin Parvati

The mountain pass is considered to be one of the most exciting trekking sites in the state and connects Parvati Valley in Kullu with Spiti’s Pin Valley. However, it is no simple task at more than 5000 meters – even veterans agree that completing the walk is a feat. In 1884, Englishman, Sir Louis Dane, found the pass on the way to the Spiti valley.

You can approach the mountain pass from anywhere. Trekkers suggest leaving places such as Kullu’s Barsheni or Spiti, Mudh. Among others, the Mantalai Lake, Kheerganga, the fortress bridges of the Parvati river, and Tundra Bhoj are some of the most remarkable destinations.

2. Rupin Pass

Rupin Pass is located on a historic shepherd’s way and is famous for its picturesque sights among trek shops. The path embodies nature perfectly, ranging from luxuriant green areas dotted with rhododendrons to snowy peaks.

The trail is situated between the districts of Uttarakhand and HP Sangla and can be accessed via several routes. Routes start in places such as Gosangu or Naitwar (in Uttarakhand). The hanging village of Dhaka, along with nature’s camps, woods and glaciers are one of the most beautiful attractions on the trek.

3. Bhaba Pass

This green trail lies at 5300 meters above sea level linking the Pin Valley to Kinnaur (17,450 ft). The itinerary has become popular with hikers and travelers, thanks to a pleasant mix of woods, mount, and waterways, and is traditionally used by local communities.

Most trekkers, like Thuskeo Dhar, begin their journey from Kinnaur to the arresting arid countryside of the Spitian Valley. The path can be difficult for beginners and it is definitely advisable to hike. A stunning view over the whole area can be seen in the high Altitudes of Bhabha Pass.

4. Kangra Valley Trek

Kangra is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most popular destinations, but it is more than Dharamshala and the Masroor Rock Cut Temple. Another draw, such as Dhauladhar and Kareri, is the Kangra valley walk.

Kareri Lake is a sight to look at 3300 m above sea level. Particularly when the whole lake is frozen in winter. The lake is fed by the Dhauladhars glaciers, and many trees, walking trails, and meadows are located in the area. A simple path, this is also an ideal hike for families.

5. Tosh Valley Trek

Located at the end of the valley of Parvati, the village of Tosh is full of rustic houses, happy people and rivulets, and tall trees. The Tosh River flows softly in the landscape of the Parvati River.

The ideal starting point for the Tosh trek, Kasol, and sites like Barsheni Village and Buddhaban cover the tour before arriving at Tosh Village, the perfect spot for an overnight camp. You can either go to the glacier of the Tosh or go into the Animal Pass which is more challenging.

6. Baralacha-Chandrataal Pass

Baralacha-Chandrataal is a land of legends, at 4,890 m altitude, and once found mention in the novel Kim of Rudyard Kipling. The trekking route from Baralacha to Lake Chandrataal connects Himachal Pradesh with Ladakh.

Like Baralakhe, Chandrataal also has its origins in old legends, since the lake is thought to be an incarnation of the Moon due to its crescent shape. Trekkers will go here in the night for the stunning starlit skies to tour for 5-7 days.

7. Janjehli Valley

The picturesque restaurants of Janjehli were always popular with walkers located 67 km from Manali. Why not, then? The area is full of farms and wetlands, hills and rivulets – an unfailing nature-friendly holiday kit.

The iconic Shikari Devi Temple, Saryolsar Lake, Magru Gala, Banjar Wildlife Haven, or nearby Bheemshila can be reached by trekking at Janjehli. The difficulty level of the walk is determined by your choice of destination: the path to the temple of Shikari Devi is the right choice for beginners.

8. Triund Trek

This is a perfect trail during your early learning time for trekkers. Triund, a hill station, is located in the heart of the mighty mountains of Dhauladhar and offers magnificent mountains and rural views.

Trekkers generally start on Triund and go on to Kareri Lake at Mcleodganj or Dharamkot. There are also many birds and animals in the area, and veterans suggest staying overnight and stopping at the Gallu Devi Temple and Bhagsu Falls on the trek.

9. Kinnaur Kailash

Not everybody’s cup of tea is the grueling Kinnaur-Kailash route. The mountainous region is famous for Kinner Kailash Siva, a 79 ft vertical rock that naturally changed its color during the day, as is common among pilgrims as well as experienced trekkers.

Traditionally, the Tang Ling village was the basis of the trek which crosses the Shivalingam before moving to Sangla. You can only walk to the Shivalingam pinnacle. However, the hike is intensive with rough roads at high altitudes.

10. Churdhar

Difficult, it was a popular destination long ago for trekkers who usually arrived from Nohradhar in the district of Sirmour, or Sarahan in the district of Chaupal. It is the highest of the Outer Himalayan mountains at 11,965 ft., and also names the nearby shrine for the wild animal, home of musk deers and monk birds.

Walkers also find religious sites along the way, not just woods and wildlife. The top is also decorated by a giant idol of Shiva.

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