Luxurious stays at 12 Best Resorts in Coorg

Coorg, Karnataka’s best tourist destination has tropical weather, fascinating scenery, spectacular waterfalls, and Kaveri and its adjacent rivers. This hilly residence offers a variety of things other than its heavenly beauty – trekking, kayaking, and rafting – that has stepped up the footfall in India’s ‘Scotland.’

Get plenty of Coorg’s top resorts to enjoy a great location in Karnataka, just 250 km from Bangalore.

Coorg’s Luxurious Locations

If you plan to spend your holidays in a resort in Coorg looking for luxurious resorts with an amazing view, look into the following resorts and pick what is right for you.

1. The Orange Country

The interior of this themed resort is influenced by the Kadukuruba Hadis and is made into a tribal setting. The best resort in Coorg is undoubtedly the finest wildlife lodging with such a place and such comfort united in a happy Union. Go with love on a romantic date or spend the night in a lakeside restaurant with your family.

2. Coorg Evergreen County Resort

This resort is built for backpackers and is an ideal theme. It was made colorful with wonderful decorative pieces and the use of bamboo in the whole building contributes to its uniqueness. The subject is focused on adventure, nature, nature, and more. Surrounded by the greens, you won’t be bored in this place for a moment.

3. Amanvana Resort

One of the best resorts in Coorg, Amanvana Resort with its gentle environment in the middle of the magnificent beauty. Give your soul free from the fast life in the city by the rabbit hole activities. Bathe in the sun-beds and watch the glass-roofed bathrooms in your private courtyard.

4. Old Kent Estates And Spa Resort

It’s one of the most luxurious resorts in Karnataka, located in the lush green beauty of Coorg. Old kent estates, for people seeking peace away from city life, are a natural Paradise. The healthy environment and warm welcome of the popular holiday retreat are a pleasure for all. Every penny you spend is worth the amazing rooms with all modern amenities.

5. Windflower Resort And Spa

Just 20 km from Bangalore on the tree-line road is the beautiful resort in Coorg. It is a postcard retreat popular for its iconic hospitality, flanked by the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Go for treks to the mountains of Brahmagiri and love the clusters of dark green feathering jungle and the infinite blue sky near the Retreat of Windflower.

6. Ambatty Green Resorts

The private resort in Coorg is a town in its own right in the midst of the gently rolling hills in Karnataka. It is a great retreat from the hectic day-to-day life to rejuvenate your mind and soul. If you are a sports lover or a romantic soul preparing with your sweetheart for a weekend getaway, the resort has something for all to sell. In this splendid resort in Coorg for lunches or sports enthusiasts combine leisure with comfort in nature.

7. Coorg Cliffs Resort

If your 5-star quest in Coorg remains on, your journey will undoubtedly come to an end. At 3,398 meters above sea level, this resort is thought to be one of the best-looked resorts in the Coorg district. The natural scenery around this place is appropriate to book for a quality holiday!

8. Taj Vivanta Resort

This is one of the best resorts in Coorg in the midst of luxurious, green rainforest covering 180 hectares and promising a luxurious and tranquil stay. During your holidays in Coorg, you would never want to leave the vast forest and a fascinating view. The rooms are big and have an aura of relaxation.

9. Porcupine Castle

This budget resort in Coorg is ideal for wedding guests, situated at the top of the 300-acre coffee plant. The serenity and harmony of the place accompany you with the fragrance. Situated in the undulating lush green landscapes of Coorg the Porcupine Castle receives its guests cordially.

10. Club Mahindra Madikeri

It’s popularly referred to as a little Karnataka in the lively city of Coorg. Club Mahindra is a vast resort founded in a coffee planting site with the essence of local tradition. Hang in the hustle and bustle of coffee surrounded by hilly colors and sights. The main highlights of one of Coorg’s best resorts are beautiful grasslands, paddy fields, and orange orchids.

11. Magnolia Estates

For guests who enjoy being part of nature, Magnolia Provinces offers well-furnished and spacious rooms. You can take advantage of the quiet of the lonely mountain with birds chirping in corners. It is one of the best resorts in Coorg, designed in the traditional South Indian style, located amongst the spectacular coffee plantations.

12. Parumpara Adventure & Cultural Holiday Resort

Parumpara is a luxurious ethnic cottage that combines modern comforts with a friendly experience in a town. This resort is still a very special place to stay in the Coorg thank to the charming weather on the foot of the Madikeri. You will feel at home with the quiet, cool, breathtaking views of this resort. With your loved ones played by in-house musicians, you will enjoy contemporary dance and music.

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