Significance of using NCERT Books in CBSE Board Examinations

NCERT is an organization by the government of India to provide qualitative education to the school children which was established in 1961. Its main objective is to develop and publish model textbooks, supplementary material, educational kits etc. The CBSE and other State Boards follow the NCERT Books in their course curriculum. NCERT Books are the best reference guide for the students studying in Class 1 to 12. Subject matter experts have prepared these books after conducting in-depth research and analysis of a specific subject relying on the intellectual level of the students. 

NCERT Textbooks are designed in a simple and understandable language which covers the basic fundamentals on all the concepts. Practising NCERT textbooks also helps students to crack different competitive exams after schooling and graduations such as IIT, JEE, NEET etc. 

Students completely rely on NCERT textbooks while preparing for examinations. Hence, students are advised to download the textbook in a PDF format to boost their exam preparation. Practising NCERT textbooks is a must in exam preparation as most of the questions appear from textbooks. Only a few questions have been twisted in order to check the analytical skills among students. 

Students usually panic while preparing for examinations. Hence, it is utmost important to choose the correct reference guide to boost their academic performance excellently. Students who want to obtain conceptual knowledge of concepts must practice the textbook questions diligently. NCERT Books Class 11 are preferred as ‘Bible’ for students who want to excel not only in board but also in other competitive exams with flying colors. Students who follow NCERT Books undoubtedly score high marks and achieve their career goals. It is essential to practice the concepts on a daily basis covered in each chapter effectively for more conceptual knowledge.

Following are some of the advantages of using NCERT Books

  • Meticulous information

NCERT Books provide accurate answers for all the textbook questions based on students’ understanding capacity. Experts designed the solutions in a comprehensive manner after doing vast research on each concept. The precise answers boost skills in solving different questions in an effective way among students. 

  • Detail explanation of the concepts

Fundamental and basic concepts of higher aptitude level explained in NCERT Books help students to come out with flying colors in examinations. The main purpose of the preparation of these solutions is to help students to get a firm grip on all the concepts covered in each chapter. 

  • Solutions in a simple and lucid manner

The solutions are solved in a simple and lucid manner by subject matter experts in accordance with the intelligence quotient of students. The main intention of framing these solutions is to boost conceptual knowledge among students along with scoring high marks in exams. Providing correct material to students is a must to enhance performance in their academics. 

  • Various problems to practice

Practising numerous problems helps students to obtain an idea of solving the complex problems in a short period of time. These solutions also help them to analyse the method of solving different problems more effectively in exams. Regular practice of textbook problems following NCERT Books Class 12 boosts skills which are essential from an exam perspective.

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