What are Common Examples of Title IX Violations?

The landmark Educational Amendment of 1972, commonly referred to as Title IX, is a United States federal law that prohibits an educational institution that receives federal funding from discriminating based on sex. Title IX is intended to protect students from discrimination based on their gender or their gender identity. 

While Title IX’s impact on the athletic world is undeniable, it also has significant implications for sexual assault and harassment cases, as well as gender-biased enforcement of school disciplinary policies. The law requires that schools must have in place a mechanism for students to report sex discrimination, including sexual assault and sexual harassment. You can consult a Title IX lawyer from Lento Law Firm to understand more about the impact of Title IX on your cases.

The following are common examples of Title IX violations:

  1. Sexual violence

Students have the right to be free from sexual violence. There has to be a system of reporting and investigations that are effective and responsive to your needs. You need an attorney with experience in Title IX cases if you face sexual assault allegations at school. Sexual assault is a crime, and the people who commit this crime should be held accountable by the school system. The law protects victims of sexual violence as well as their families who have been affected by these offenses. 

  1. Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment refers to unwelcome behavior that is of sexual nature and affects your employment or educational environment. It could be physical, verbal, or written and can be committed by students, teachers, or other staff. Students have the right to a safe learning environment where they do not feel threatened by sexual harassment. Schools should have a way for students to report these cases. An experienced Title IX lawyer will help you understand your rights when you file a complaint against the school system.

  1. Retaliation

The school should not punish or discriminate against you for filing a complaint against the school. You can make a case against the school for retaliation if you are punished for reporting an offense. Retaliation could be through demotion, withholding grades, or other actions that hurt your chances of gaining an education at this school. A Title IX lawyer will help you get the justice you deserve after filing a complaint with your school. You can sue the school for these cases, and this could also affect how the school system approaches future sexual misconduct cases.

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