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How to choose the best oil filled heater

You have watched in the old movies that there is a separate cheamber where they used to fire up using woods to warm up the room. Just with technology the fire and wood changed to oil filled heater which help to heatb up room by using electricity. Nowadays, getting woods for fire is hard and expensive whereas connect with power cord and using electric oil filled heater is much easier and more convenient. But there are many oil filled heater available in the market. How to choose the best oil filled heater for yourself that suits best according to your requirement? Well, we will discuss in details how to choose the best oil filled heater in this article.

How to choose the best Oil filled heater :

There are few aspects which you need to look carefully before purchasing one oil filled heater for yourself or for your loved ones.

  • Efficiency : You need to first check the efficiency of the oil filled heater that you are going to buy. Because the efficiency of the heater will tell you how fast and how much area it can heat up quickly. Because where the temperature is very low, where quilt or comforter is unable to provide you adequate comfort there you are going to buy this device. So efficiency is a must check aspect before purchasing one.
  • Economical : Electric bill is a important factor to check. You don’t want a heater which adds up your bill highly. You would need a oil filled heater which is economical when it comes to electric consumption. So check the power usage details before purchasing one.
  • Convenient: There are many more functions available with the oil filled heater. Some comes with thermostat, some with wireless controller, some with remote control. So you need to see which type of oil filled heater is comfortable and convenient to use for you. Buy after checking this aspect properly.
  • Portable : This type of room heater are very portable, you can easily move around they weights around 18-20 pounds. Just looks like briefcase kept standing in the corner. Some are with bulky in weight and looks, so check if they are lower in weight so you can easily move the device around as per your requirement.
  • Safety Features : As this devices are highly powered electrical devices so you must need to check the safety protocols that the devices ensure to keep yourself safeside from any kind of electric hazards. Must check the device ensures overheating protection technology because over heating can cause fire.
  • Timer : Many latest oil filled heater comes with timer system, which ensures you that you can operate for some time as per your requirement. That after certain time the device will auto shut off to ensure comfortability.
  • Warranty : Nothing much to say in this point. A while you are buying a device that cost your warm comfort you must check the warranty period to ensure that no problem occurs and you dont have to take any headache while using this device.


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