Namaste everyone! Are you all not tired of the same dull roadmap and daily hectic schedule? Never mind, anyway. The holidays are going on. I’m sure you’re all looking forward to visiting an exotic place this holiday. Are you all baffled as to where you should first visit? Then let me assist you. The top ten resorts in India I will find out. That’s going to make planning easier. You just have to contact the resort and make a reservation. As we all know, there is no lack of places to visit in India. I’ve got ten exotic resorts listed. Look at it and make your journey incredible.

1. Radisson Blu Resort –

Let me begin with one of India’s most beautiful, quiet spots. It’s nothing but Tamil Nadu, our country of Tamil. Every tourist is attracted by its beauty and simplicity. And its flora and fauna collection is nothing less. Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay is one of India’s largest resorts.

In Mamallapuram, this is. This resort offers you a lovely view from the blue Lake of palm trees. It has a small, lovely bridge, which adds to this place’s beauty. It has a calming atmosphere that takes away all of your concerns and makes you feel at home on holiday. From your balcony, you may also see the Shore Temple.

2. Oberoi Cecil, Shimla –

Now allow Himachal Pradesh to travel. Who won’t go to the snow? Why is everybody missing this opportunity? Oberoi Cecil is one of Himachal Pradesh’s best resorts. It is considered in Shimla’s grant heritage as it symbolizes Shimla’s colonial history.

The interior of the resort is like the British era when it was 100 years ago. In the ‘70s guests walk on the wooden floor, feel the warmth of the fire and the British furnishings around them.

3. Kaav Safari Lodge – 

Kaav Safari Lodge is located at the foot of the Nagarhole National Park and is known to be situated in one of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve’s largest protected forest areas. The Kaav Safari Lodge is considered one of Kabini’s finest jungle lodges and resorts; the perfect spot to taste the true essence of Kabini’s wildlife. Apart from elegant interiors and fully equipped rooms, the resort offers its visitors an alfresco restaurant, guided nature strolls, and spirited bicycle tours.

4. Spa Resort and Goa Park Hyatt –

Let’s get to our own Goa. This is in Cansaulim. This is 45 acres in size. It looks like a village of Goan.

Comfort, style, and favor are combined. The best part is the combination because every environment can be enjoyed simultaneously. Hyatt offers the best luxuries to relax and unwind. There is also a spa that offers ayurvedic and yogic therapy. So don’t let Goa miss it.

5. Vythiri resort –

This is another beautiful place to visit. It’s located in Wayanad, Kerala, in principle. The lush green rainforest is covered with lovely hills on all sides. On all sides. You can look for nature here and you can also enjoy the comforts of the modern-day.

The icy can be touched and the middle on the floor kissed. It’s the best place to learn about nature. The combination of ancient ayurvedic and aroma can be enjoyed here. It would be a wonderful idea to plan a holiday here.

6. Bonjour Bonheur Ocean Spray –

Take a look back into the Tamils country. In Pondicherry Tamil Nadu is our next best resort. It has a very convenient location and is 23 acres in size.

The surrounding 5 acres are covered by a lake created by people. It also provides multilingual staff recruitments. Luxury is combined with simplicity. This place is important to visit once in a lifetime.

7. Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort –

Thus, in Kutch, Gujarat, there is this exotic resort. It is an excellent retreat for your holidays and also provides an insight into the rich traditional Gujarati culture. The home and tents have mud houses. This makes Gujarat feel genuine.

Visitors will not only experience the cuisine and the environment, but they will also meet craftsmen who have mastered various traditional talents and art. In the charm of the folk dancers and artisans of music, the visitors are lost. The cuisine of the Gujarati here is insane to tourists. Kutch’s colorous life fills the colors of the busy city people.

8. Lahari Resort –

This resort is charming. Its ostentatious furniture. It is situated in Hyderabad, Patancheru. It is set up in an extremely natural environment and offers maximum luxuries.

With flower beds and well-maintained lawns and paved sculptures, its beauty is magnified. It has a standard international cricket stadium and a lot more bowling activity, go-karting, and so on. Let this journey not be missed.

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